If I could break myself into minute grains of sand  I would slip into an hourglass and take control of time, immortalizing, in every single grain, the moment when we only wished to be in each others’ arms. Then, taking my human appearance again, I’d sit on your knees with my head on your chest, breathing the scent of your skin. I’d softly whisper in your ear that a heart has no chains and no ownerships and you can’t give orders to it. A heart only belongs to love and you are my love. I’d tell you that I wouldn’t change an inch of you, for me you are perfect this way, although you’re not actually flawless. But love has no prejudices, love is freedom above all, because there can’t be love if you don’t feel free to be who you really are. When you feel free you don’t need to look for anything or anyone else. This I’d tell you if I could be with you.But our best days are gone, leaving a wake of heartbreaking memories. Our love has been wounded by too many thorns, poisoned by distance and promises that can’t be kept. So, I’ll break myself into minute grains of sand to be swept away by the wind. Next time that a breeze will caress your face, keep it with your hand for a while. You’ll surely find me.