It touched my heart.


Miracles Can Happen

A future full of promises in their ever-lasting way.
From heaven came the angels and smiled as if to say.
A miracle shall happen and happen as it may.
For be proud and shed a tear of joy, for your baby is on the way.
Soon you will both be parents a mother and a dad.
Soon you will have your baby to give all the love you have.
Then that precious hour comes as you nervously wait.
You crack your knuckles and pace the floor, as though to concentrate.
Then that wonderful message comes, the one you’re waiting for.
Congratulations! You’re a father!
The father of a beautiful daughter.
You rush upstairs to see your wife, to tell her that you love her.
You hold her hand and squeeze it tight and tell her you’re proud of her.
With her gentle smile and loving voice you…

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