I’ve got nothing to give you,

no money, no properties, no fortunes.

Nothing, but my love.

So I’ll give you a bag

where I’ll cram all that I’ve learnt,

the joy of being your mother,

the magic moments that we shared.

I’ll give you the sword of intelligence

and sensibilty,

sharpened by the confidence in your skills.

And me, as a shield

against frustration and griefs.

I’ll urge you to breathe and embrace life

even when it hurts,

Because life is a chance we can’t miss.

We are all wanderers in this world,

but we can make this wandering a bliss.

Nothing I’ll ask you in return.

A mother is a temporary guardian of treasure.

She has to protect it and enhance its value.

Only one thing.

Love yourselves.

Because loving yourselves,

You will love me.