She was sitting by the window staring at the trees in the street. Not even a breath of air, they were completely still. But trees weren’t her first thought that night. She wasn’t thinking, in fact. She was just deeply inhalating the perfection of that moment. She moved her head a little bit aside looking for the mirror on the wall. The reflection she saw made her passion sprout in a smile of tenderness. He was sleeping, totally relaxed in his quietness. She stood up and reached the bed. She lay down next to him and put her hand on his chest. She could feel his heart beating. Her hand slipped searching the hollows and the curves of his body, the tone of his muscles. She could feel life pulsating under his skin. Even when sleeping he had the vitality of the ocean. She closed her eyes and started flying over the sea. Darker where it was deep, paler where it was shallow. She was getting lost in shades of blue.