Light falls in glowing beams

filtering through the branches

of these leafy trees.

We are alone, no one can see,

we’re getting lost in our daydream.

Our light clothes flutter and stir

grazed by a gentle Spring breeze.

The smell of musk and the scent flower

pervade us of the spirit

of heaven and earth.

I hide, you seek for me.

You find me, I run away.

I’m a mischievous nymph

who loves the chase.

You catch me, I sway

in your arms, indulging

in a sweet, voluptuous game.

I’m revealing my nature

in the intimacy of this private Eden.

A sudden shower takes us by suprise.

Raindrops are like intoxicating wine

my yearn for caresses I can’t restrain.

I take my off my clothes

I want to feel the rain on my skin.

You’re astonished yet you follow me

in my funny love madness.

We jump on stones, we roll on wet grass

naked and completely free.

Our joy bursting in kisses and laughs.

I feel that deeply belong to this place

I close my eyes for the greatest pleasure.

Me being your soil, you being my seed.