When you are here with me this room slowly disappears. There are no walls, there’s no ceiling. There’s only the space of our bodies merging together. There’s nothing else. We are making love in the middle of nothing. But you and me together is everything, so we are making love in the middle of our everything. I’m swaying my hips on your hips, dancing at the rhythm of your desire, quivering  at the pulsations of your heart, I’m drifting in the sea of pleasure. But what is happening now it’s not just a matter of skin. You aren’t just rubbing and stimulating those few inches of heaven inside of me. You’re deeply penetrating  my whole being, thus my imagination is going far beyond.

I’m a needle , you are a thread. We are sewing together on the silky material of our love the stitches of our passion.

I’m an inkwell, you are a pen. We are writing together the mute words of our body language.

I’m a lock, you’re a key. We are unlocking together the gates of our Eden.

Now I’m completely yours. My mind, my heart, my soul vibrating at the notes of your melody till we’ll lay in our breathless, sweaty happiness.