There is  a little of Snow White’s stepmother in every woman. No, it doesn’t mean that in every woman there’s a wicked queen (even though men generally think the contrary).  Despite all the good teachings that state that outside beauty isn’t important, every woman has that haunting need of being beautiful or, better, of being considered beautiful, thus she  incessantly searches in the eyes of all the people around her the reflection of her beauty. But a woman’s favorite mirror is the man she loves.  That’s why she obsessively repeats the same questions, the same requests. Those questions and requests that make men go nuts. That’s why she dies a little at every distracted or impatient “Yes…yes” or at every time he looks at another woman . She feels unsure, she feels unattractive.  That’s why she falls apart when that mirror doesn’t reflect anything. Not so much is needed  to a woman.  Excessive compliments would make her suspicious. Just little things. An unexpected kiss, a peculiar look or a spontaneous “Wow! You look fine!” that would be much better of a routine  “I love you” hastily murmured before going to work.  She needs these little things, especially when she’s tired and worried. If a man would keep on mirroring a woman’s beauty, he would have her heart forever.