Time was crawling on a floor of rough hours, each instant sandpapered her soul. The canvas where she used to visualize  her memories , her dreams or her wishes was darkened by her mood. There was no way to ease her mind and the beer that she was sipping was only bringing her in an unpleasant numbness. She rubbed her knuckles, her hands were cold  but the real chill was deep in her soul. Thoughts were restlessly bouncing in her head. She had been rebuked for something that she had said and bluntly accused of unmotivated malice. It was a queer situation. She was used to ponder words and support them with the values and the concepts that they implied. Words like love and friendship that too often are so airily spoken, for her implied mostly respect and she had never been disrespectful. She made a half smile. The people that were stating the importance of love and friendship only a few minutes before, then accused her of unmotivated malice, totally misunderstanding her words. Dull sunbeams filtered through the steamy windows. She lit a cigarette and deeply breathed the smoke. Unmotivated malice means to cause somebody’s harm just for pleasure, because you’re evil by nature. It’s bizarre how people who jump on you because of your words, then they are used to throw their own words like they could toss spare pennies in a beggar’s hat. It’s impossible to measure words according to people’s vagaries, otherwise words are just floozies that pander at everyone’s will;  as opinions shift, their meaning shifts too. Or they are empty jars that everyone can fill with personal impressions. She leant on the table and crossed her arms.  Smoke had left a bad taste in her mouth or maybe her frustration did. The only thing that she could do was to accept that there are people who try to keep their balance on the string of emotions, who honestly show their heart, who are always ready to admit their errors, but they’re just victims. Victims of those people who use and judge words so nonchalantly and make communication a wasteland where they wander wrapped in layers of selfishness, lack of sensitiveness and unquestionable certainties. They yell and scream without listening. But words are not guilty. It’s only a matter of minds and souls