A milky dawn is breaking the darkness of this chilly Winter.  Voices and sinister sounds come from the courtyard. They are setting up my gallows. A  priest is praying low while I’m slowly walking to my social death : condemned for being too human.  The  lethal bite that has drained my sap to the core  has left me  paralyzed and without will. I can only feel regret for a wasted life.  Only a step  separates me from the rope that will choke my life forever.  I close my eyes  trying to muster the remaining force. The light of dawn filtering through my eyelids takes your shape. My last moments have your eyes, your hands and your voice. My last thought is for you. The priest is going on praying, but he can’t save my soul. I would eagerly sell it to the Devil to spend one night with you and finally satisfy my hunger. Your flesh between my teeth, the taste of your skin,  my legs around your waist, your warm breath on my neck.  The bell is chiming the words that I’m mentally saying “I love you……I love you……I love you” A hot shiver rolls down my back, blood speeds up in my veins, my body is trembling. My lungs are expanding after a long apnea. It’s not air that is filling them up, it’s something more dense. It’s life that is coming back to me.  I open my eyes everything is ready. But I’m not.  I push the priest aside and I start running and screaming “You won’t see me hanging down that gallows”.