Wait for me where the sun splits darkness at its first appearance.
Wait for me where the line of hopes becomes the surface of reality.
Wait for me where we finally find our peace.
I’ll come tip-toeing in your life. I’ll be the one who will pour sugar and smiles in your morning coffee to sweeten your days. I’ll be the one who will kiss you good night and take care of your dreams. I’ll listen to your words and when you won’t speak I’ll flutter in  your silence.
But I don’t want to become the tasteless food of a dull routine. Thus I’ll add the jam of my  ordinary  folly to your everyday bread. I’ll bring you into my wonderland hopping and jumping on the table of Mad Hatter’s bizarre parties. We’ll sip the  usual tea  of our normality from the cups of unexpected moments.
I’ll be your Cheshire Cat, you’ll never know the games and riddles I’ll be preparing for you. And when you’ll think that you are about to catch me I’ll suddenly vanish to appear again later in your arms.
Are you ready to be a new kind of Alice? I’m ready to live this amazing adventure, because the wonderland I’m craving is all in your hands, my love, for sure.