You know that this will be the first move on a tricky chessboard. You know this will be the first step toward a forthcoming regret, but you can’t avoid doing it. The wave has come and you haven’t be able to surf it, you have been crushed against the rocks of a wild feeling. Your rationality ties your feet, but love is blowing on the fire of your obsession.  Although you realize that no  lawyer’s clever words could justify your behavior, although you know that when you’ll be in his arms your heart will be in heaven and your mind will be in hell, you can’t help surrendering to this foolish sentiment. You’ve been weaving your life with the threads of reliability. A childhood so hastily abandoned, your teenage time spent accomplishing your duties. And now young woman, you must face the evidence that your heart is trembling like an Autumn leaf.  You have already paid your dues to your sobriety, you have already paid your dues to a mean life that has been counting the pennies of you happiness. This is your mad hour. You’ve been taught to be honest. What is more honest? To drag an aimless existence with a man whom you don’t love anymore or eagerly embrace the dream of your life? Think, young woman, think. After all, a regret is always better than missing a chance.