It was a Spring of an amused curiosity, of amazed discoveries and  caressing thoughts. We started a game of unknown words and funny translations. I looked at you in tender admiration and I don’t know why you noticed me.

Summer had come in hot, long days but a sweet shiver made my heart tremble. We danced on the rays of a winking sun that was an accomplice of this brand new, bizarre story. Speaking a language of cute pictures and nice emoji we arrived to September in light, quick twirls.

I was still incredulous and pensive, I couldn’t believe that you were really looking for me. But you gave me a red string and I tied it to my waist, so that pulling it you could draw me to you whenever you wanted. I’ve been  gleefully yo-yoing up and down that string till Autumn was over and Winter came.

It was  the time of your glory day. I was living suspended with you in your dream. I felt what you felt, I cried the same tears of joyful emotion.  On the notes of a ballad I whispered my pledge to the man that gave me a reason to be. My heaviness was loosening at your warm touch, my soul was softening in smooth butter curls.

On a reverse bolero rhythm we were swirling in a vortex of sensuous words and inspiring songs.  Spring had come back  in delicate blossoms and cool breeze but for us Summer had started  in advance. The nectar of your passion I yearned for tasting. You were my fleshy, juicy apple, I was your Eve. But Summer abruptly ended in bitter misunderstandings.

On a four steps stair we met, my love. On the first step the was written “BELIEVE”. You have been the first one to believe and holding my hand you led me to the second step “LIVE”. We willingly lived the exciting days of our engaging feeling. On the third step the was written “ENDURANCE”. We took care of each other in cherishing patience. When only the fourth step remained, you suddenly froze and left my hand. There was written “TRUST”. Why didn’t you trust me, my love?

It started a time of angry silences,  secret codes and poisoned suspicion. I fell apart but I kept on believing in all that we had been constructing in more that one year. I will always remember the urge I felt to be in your arms, to make you  comprehend how unique and exclusive was my love for you.

But life had already blown its  filthy  breath on me,  smearing my hope, darkening my heart. I could be an Autumn of brownish red and golden yellow, of sugary grapes and heady must smell, but a nippy wind swept me away. I was just a leaf sadly falling down.  A toxic sensation of destructive defeat crushed my will to stand up. You gave me your hand and brought me out that hell.

But Winter was too cold and you left me again  on an ice plain to grieve by myself. Did we lose the faith in our love? I think that a red string can’t be definitely torn. Torturing my hands and tormenting my soul I keep on wondering “Will ever Spring come back?”