Wind was stirring the blond sea of corn fields turning into gold as sun rolled down the hillside. She was raking through the horizon. She was looking for nothing, but the hope of a dawn lighting a brand new day of a different life. She threw a glance at the door of her house; it was open in fact, but locked up in her mind. She hadn’t a dream and not a love she only tried to keep on hoping.He knocked at her door on an ordinary day. When she saw him it was like seeing the sun for the first time. Her prince without a crown, but with the brightness of a flawless diamond. He filled her eyes with the beauty of endless skies. He asked for her love. She gave it to him without questioning, without worrying. He took her hand and brought her walking on corn fields. Cicadas were playing the song of the warmest hours. He caressed her hair, she grazed his skin. Flowers were showing off their scented colours. He lay on his back, she put her head on his shoulder, birds were singing the lullaby of twilight. Floating on silence and weaving their fingers they were confirming the tenderness of their love seal. “I have to leave” he said “I’ll be far away from here for a long time. Will you wait for me? Will you be forever mine?” She brought her hand to her chest, than she made a move like she was tearing her heart off. Then putting her hand on his one she said “It’s forever yours”. He left. She kept on living cherishing their love every day. There was no apparent sign of their tie, but carved on her soul there was the promise she made on a corn field.