Chew and spit the rage you have inside.

Grind with your teeth

those chunks you can not swallow.

Throw up and spit

the hate you have inside.

Detoxify your soul from those evil, deadly cells.

Suck and spit

the poison you have inside

from those holes on your flesh

made by angry bites.

Drain and spit

the liquor of you failure

for a youth you spent in senseless, aimless hours.

Gobble and spit

the bitter bread of a life

that you put in an assassin’s hands.

Lick and spit the blood

of the suicide you committed thinking

that you were worth nothing.

It’s hard to be a nail

in a world of hammers.

It’s hard to be a leaf

in a world of furious winds.

So breathe and spit

your sense of defeat

illusions never brought

to find a solution.

Maybe it’s time to start loving yourself.