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He was the most harmonic
chord in the universe’s symphony.
When he played he made the sun rise.

She was a range of shades
in life’s rainbow,
a palette of hues that
she wrote down in words.

They chose each other
in an ocean of people.
knowing in their heart
that they had been tied by fate.

But gods are jealous
of human happiness
and condemned them
to be parted forever.

Living on distant shores
they weren’t able to forget their love.
Always looking for each other
they sat every night alone by the sea.

He played the notes of his nostalgia.
She wrote with her tears
the words of her hope on the sand.

“Remember, my love
remember the smiles
we shared, the smiles
we’ll share. We’ll always
keep our love alive”
But as days went by
sadder were his notes
sadder were her words.
He started to compose a blue ballad,
Her tears rolled down on the sand
to trace her words of grief.
“Will you remember, my love
Will you remember the smiles we shared,
the smiles we’ll share.
Will we be able to keep our love alive?”
The sea was touched by her sorrow
and slipping on the sand
it captured her words and
brought them to him.

He put her words on his melody
and started to sing the ballad
of the sad lovers.
The sky hearing that song
couldn’t restrain its tears
and started crying falling stars.
The two lovers wished
at the same time
to be together again.

Gods couldn’t reject
such a heartbreaking prayer
and let them free to live their love.

As a reward for their endurance
they wrote with stars in the vault
their perfect love song.