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I leave you a piece of my heart,

there’s your name on it.

I can’t use it anymore, keep it.

If you’ll ever feel alone you’ll remember

that somewhere in the world

there’s a person who loves you.

I leave you all the words I wrote

spilling my deepest feelings

on the sheet of my honesty.

You don’t need them,

but if you’ll feel cold they’ll wrap you

with the warmth of my tenderness.

I leave you all the amazed enthusiasm

of my first love, because you are my first love.

It’s a childish thing, but if you’ll be halfhearted

they’ll help you to keep on and they’ll support you

like I’ll always do.

I leave you the dream we have shared,

maybe it was just an illusion,

but if you’ll feel sad you’ll take from it

all the hopes that we put in it.

I’ll take with me all the joy and the sorrow

of an unexpected love and not having

the chance to live it.