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As snows falls in mute flakes nevertheless it transforms the landscape, when you impacted on me not a sound came from my hushed lips although a blast was silently spreading, disrupting my love-proof soul. My self-control that had always been so efficient  slowly surrendered to this unknown feeling revealing all that I had hidden or tried to erase. A joy that had never had the chance to emerge, suddenly burst in the most unbridled way. I called you with so many names and probably I made you smile, but I couldn’t explain differently what I felt. The words I couldn’t speak I wrote, never getting tired to describe those heartbreaking sensations that made my heart throb minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day till you became my life itself.  I soon realized it wasn’t the same for you, but I couldn’t get rid of the most sublime addiction  of all. I had enough love for the both of us. But I went too far. I gambled my life without having an ace, playing my cards on a too risky game, clinging to  the alea of an unpredictable feeling. I sank and soared at the same time. My life was destroyed, my love flew. Too much. It was too much. Now I’m licking my wounds knowing that all that I’ve done makes no sense for you. You have kept on going  your way and I’ve never claimed nothing more. Lately I’ve been reconsidering all the situation. Bizarre, weird….I really went nuts. I’ve been a fool. Maybe I had to listen to my rationality. But I can’t give up on this love, because as foolish and odd as it can be, it would be like accepting to live on an endless darkness, it would be like refusing to breathe. I made up my mind that I’m your satellite, drawing my skewed, asymmetric orbits around you. So, unless the law of gravity will be questioned, I’ll be there rotating for you.