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A pallor of opal and pearl is trying to split the density of a gluey, steamy darkness. It’s dawn that stubbornly strives to scrunch up the night with its luminescent fingers. But if light can win  the dark, it can’t tear the drape of my unwillingness to get rid of this damp, warm restlessness. Because the night has your disarming smile and I’m still lingering in its smooth coils of seduction and I would eagerly scratch my nail on its back if I was sure to leave the traces of my haunting desire on your damned craved skin, if this darkness was really your body. Profound and annihilating a feeling of frustration petrifies me as my arms close up to embrace air instead of you. Disconsolately I bury my face in my pillow while heavy tears come to my eyes. My tempting angel I can’t have the solace of your feathery touch, I can’t feel your hand run over my desolate incompleteness. Noises  of the new day insult my ears, pierce my soul. They call me back to my reality, dawn has won its battle. I’m here aimlessly fluttering my wings in the rattling cages of this hostile time, struggling for a freedom that has your voice. As usual my imagination comes to rescue me and I can hear you whispering the words I long for. Simple yet impactful words. “I love you” you’re saying and I re-live.