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She was stepping out that day of roving thoughts and dull stillness. A day that wore the misty clothes of her anxiety sewed with the threads of her annoying troubles. But she wasn’t thinking about her troubles. Something was incessantly spinning in her mind. It was such a long time that nobody gave her a present. She didn’t regret that much. Objects had never had so much value for her. What she really missed was that halo of affection that usually is hidden behind a present. “You’re dear to me, thus I give you a present”. Affection, that’s what she missed most. Her soul was like a garden that hadn’t been watered for a long time. A soul’s water is that loving attention that makes feelings flourish. Her feelings were dry and wilted. She couldn’t imagine what kind of present she would have wished.
She took her pen and she started writing down on her notebook the words she had in her head.

Give me a smile and I’ll pin it
on the board of my soul.
I’ll look at it in my bitter hours
just to remember
the sweetest side.
Give me a reason to smile
and I’ll treasure it in my heart forever
just to remember
that there always a road to walk down.
She dropped the pen, she drew the curtain of that day while thinking:
“Another tomorrow is coming. Who knows? Maybe a smile will come too.”