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The window frames
a rectangle of skyline.
A carillon plays Brahms’s lullaby.
The neighbors’ baby
is not sleeping yet.
A bedside lamp throws
a soft light on our serene faces.
Nothing special, it could seem.
And yet this night is a delight.
I lean on your body
while you’re speaking.
Your voice is music for my heart.
I love the words you say
I love the way you say them.
With my index finger
I follow the lines of your veins
like the roads of I place
I love to explore.
We almost perfectly match.
Our tastes, our thoughts, our ideals.
Our minds meet where
our souls merge together.
But now, my sweetheart
now that I’m rubbing my cheek
on your shoulder,
like a cat looking for cuddles,
now I can’t help thinking
that I want your sweat.