Dear friends,

My latest conditions and something that occurred today are bringing me to think seriously to deactivate this account. I’ve struggled with all my remaining forces but sometimes we must surrender to the fact that life is stronger than us. I haven’t definitely decided yet. So I’ll take my time to ponder this situation. I would like to thank you for all the support and the affection that so many times have helped me to bear the hardest moments. When I say “I love you all” I really mean it.


Despite the neighbors


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Rain was humming the perfect soundtrack for that afternoon. On the unmade bed, really unmade, the creased sheets uselessly covered their bodies. They weren’t sheets anymore, but a tantalizing invitation to wrap and unwrap lovers’ mutual exploration. In a grey light warmed by the yellowish orange blazes of the fireplace two people were stretching, snuggling and purring like lazy cats yet ebullient was their search of hidden recesses of pleasure. They kissed on their skins the words that their souls spoke. Their hands were tracing the lines of a superior design: love is the greatest artist of all. Fortunately the pale blue wallpaper couldn’t hear or see, thus it couldn’t blush. The angel in the painting shyly watched the window where rain was drawing its watery laces. The old bed was squeaking their passionate assaults; indiscreet bed! It had witnessed so many battles that it couldn’t help  spreading rumours.

Giggles and sly looks, a wide stillness fading into dazzled rapture and then, again the rush, the hunger of a furious, unbounded tangle.

Hours lingered in an expansion of their merging selves, but clock, for them, was only an object hanging on the wall.

She who smiled


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She was stepping out that day of roving thoughts and dull stillness. A day that wore the misty clothes of her anxiety sewed with the threads of her annoying troubles. But she wasn’t thinking about her troubles. Something was incessantly spinning in her mind. It was such a long time that nobody gave her a present. She didn’t regret that much. Objects had never had so much value for her. What she really missed was that halo of affection that usually is hidden behind a present. “You’re dear to me, thus I give you a present”. Affection, that’s what she missed most. Her soul was like a garden that hadn’t been watered for a long time. A soul’s water is that loving attention that makes feelings flourish. Her feelings were dry and wilted. She couldn’t imagine what kind of present she would have wished.
She took her pen and she started writing down on her notebook the words she had in her head.

Give me a smile and I’ll pin it
on the board of my soul.
I’ll look at it in my bitter hours
just to remember
the sweetest side.
Give me a reason to smile
and I’ll treasure it in my heart forever
just to remember
that there always a road to walk down.
She dropped the pen, she drew the curtain of that day while thinking:
“Another tomorrow is coming. Who knows? Maybe a smile will come too.”

Mind power


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A pallor of opal and pearl is trying to split the density of a gluey, steamy darkness. It’s dawn that stubbornly strives to scrunch up the night with its luminescent fingers. But if light can win  the dark, it can’t tear the drape of my unwillingness to get rid of this damp, warm restlessness. Because the night has your disarming smile and I’m still lingering in its smooth coils of seduction and I would eagerly scratch my nail on its back if I was sure to leave the traces of my haunting desire on your damned craved skin, if this darkness was really your body. Profound and annihilating a feeling of frustration petrifies me as my arms close up to embrace air instead of you. Disconsolately I bury my face in my pillow while heavy tears come to my eyes. My tempting angel I can’t have the solace of your feathery touch, I can’t feel your hand run over my desolate incompleteness. Noises  of the new day insult my ears, pierce my soul. They call me back to my reality, dawn has won its battle. I’m here aimlessly fluttering my wings in the rattling cages of this hostile time, struggling for a freedom that has your voice. As usual my imagination comes to rescue me and I can hear you whispering the words I long for. Simple yet impactful words. “I love you” you’re saying and I re-live.

Up to hell


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“You’re gorgeous” he said but she didn’t believe him, she knew that she wasn’t gorgeous. But she wanted to escape from the loneliness where she had been imprisoned. She had got accustomed to that loneliness, but she had never accepted it, thus she couldn’t wait to find a way to get out of it. In that moment she thought that he was the way that she was looking for. “You’re gorgeous” he kept on saying , but, in fact, he hated her and all that she was. A hatred that he couldn’t restrain and came out in all the insults that he rumbled on. That phrase “You’re gorgeous” murmured in those moments for her was only another odious offence. His hate deeply permeated her soul, shattering her self-confidence and her hope, moreover she felt guilty and ashamed. She thought that she deserved to be treated that way. She felt sordid and dirty. She confined herself in silence, hiding herself behind a role to play. Nobody had to know the underlying tragedy of her life. Nevertheless she couldn’t hide the truth to herself. When she looked in the mirror she could clearly see a grimace on her face and that wrinkle between her eyebrows. She knew that her Springtime was fading, it wasn’t Autumn that she was fearing. That deep crease on her skin was the symbol of her worries and her sorrows. She was loath to see what she had become. A puppet without a soul. She was tired to suffer and mope. She wanted to remember how she was before. Sometimes she got lost in long à rebours that gave her the illusion of a blissful relief. The oblivion that she used as a curtain was beginning to vanish. She didn’t want to hide anymore, she wanted to find traces of her. She wanted to know if there were people who still had memories of her; there were and they spoke about a person who loved to smile and laugh, who eagerly shared her passions and her emotions. She clung with her nails to all the words they said. A new hope was creeping   in her mind. But her life ran on divergent tracks. On one track ran her renewed craving for a different life, on the other her reality. The gap between the two tracks was something heinous. Every time she looked around seeking new shores, she found him and his rage pounding into her life again. She crumbled. Her wish to reach heaven was only making her grieve more. The contrast was too cruel. It was better to go back to hell, to cast herself in the ghetto where lepers live. Where nobody can see your rotten flesh and the worms, not words, that come out from  your mouth. Hell and oblivion again, so she couldn’t feel the pain of a choked life anymore.  She knew well this sensation of complete surrender to an irrefutable reality. She recognized it. She had breathed it since she was a little girl, when it forced her mother to sit on an armchair all day long and smoke her life off. It was depression. Harm and protection at the same time. The false friend that makes you believe that it’s better to lock up inside instead of facing a shitty life. But even though she knew it so well, when she tried to shake it from her shoulders, raising her head she could only see empty rooms, bars and walls.

Free words #23


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These days that are going by

are like footprints on dry sands.

Even the most feeble wind

can sweep them away.

Or instead they well be

swallowed by the quicksands

of a careless time.

What will it remain of these moments?

We have not a mark, not a sign.

What will be left to remind?

Nothing but the evanescent yet vivid

memory of our souls.

But we remember what we love

and we keep it alive in our thoughts.

Will I be a living memory for you

or will I become a sheer ghost

in a dusty corner of your mind?

How I yearn for immortalizing

these flashes of our life,

to have imperishable memories of us


Instead nothing it will stay

but my evaporating words.

Free words #22


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The sun plunged in the sea

and popped up again from the horizon.

So many times…

The moon passed by on the vault

and vanished at dawn.

So many times……

Both witnessed

my searing need to be with you.

Days spent caressing my dream.

You and me together having a walk

on the Milky Way in the universe I imagined for us.

Too many days…….

And now I know it was only my dream,

my dream.



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Being me means nothing. It’s just me, plain me, with no added value. Words that I speak to myself, thoughts that remain wrapped in cocoons of undefined nothingness, aborted ideas.
And silence, a lot of silence. So when you are forced to keep everything for yourself, without having the pleasure to share what you feel, to discuss projects or whatever, you slowly start to delete all the things that look superfluous, till you become a basic version of yourself. With no added value.